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  • Choices
    Each control unit is designed to deliver a customised and affordable option for every possible area of use.
  • Configuration
    Creation of customised configurations according to specifications.
  • Switching systems/cabinets
    We can even deliver complete switching systems on demand.
  • Operating units
    Customised membrane keyboards and colour schemes will be supplied on demand. The membrane keyboard is a design which is fitted with very special quick-lift buttons (which have a perceptible resistance threshold) and has proved invaluable in the tough everyday working environment of a meat-processing or baking plant.
  • Button allocation
    The sequence and allocation of the buttons and their depiction on the operating panel are clearly and conveniently arranged. All buttons have a perceptible pressure threshold. The control and application buttons are fitted with an LED light. Button allocation and the layout of the keyboard can always be customize to your specific requirements.
  • Programmes
    Customised programming (programme configuration) is always possible.
  • Development
    aditec gmbh is continuously striving to further develop and improve their product lines. We are always happy to develop a special solution for our customers. All products supplied by the aditec gmbh comply with CE-stipulations.
  • Special customised development
    Through our customised systems, we can implement any special client-specific development efficiently and also at low cost.
  • Interface standards
    All process controller and control units are fitted with a standard interfaces such as CAN, USB, LAN or can be optionally equipped with such interfaces, making it possible to configure a visualising system according to ISO 9000. 
  • Alignment & Calibration - The new Service offered by aditec
    Your temperature device has been in operation for some time and there are perhaps errors of measurement? We will investigate and run checks for you. If there is a deviation from the standard value, we will calibrate your electrical equipment - so that you will be able to work absolutely reliably and accurately.
    Our temperature calibrations conform to the currently valid international temperature scale IST 90.