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Do not worry about rules and regulations, with aditec "VisuNet" you are always one step ahead!

Programming installations and processes, automatic controlling, monitoring, recording and filing according to HACCP/IFS from Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 R2 (64 bit)

In the food industry, the basis of a modern control system in a plant, is a suitable process controller. This controller has, through specific programming, a direct influence on the technological manufacturing process of the product.

For the manufacturer of different meat products, the use of such control units in the meat-processing industry guaranties absolute control over the manufacturing process. During the whole technological process, the products are subject to this control process, which determines quality, yield and shelf life.


The quality and hygiene guidelines HACCP/IFS, which have been introduced for the food industry, stipulate that you have to have a means of logging, visualizing and filing production processes.

The basis for an all-comprehensive quality control is the EN ISO 9000-9004 standard (or the German meat and hygiene stipulation § 11c Abs. 3). If you decide on an aditec process- controller and aditec VisuNet you will always be up-to-date!



VisuNet data sheet (Pdf 730kb) 


aditec brochure (Pdf 7,0MB) 

aditec brochure (Pdf 7,0MB) 


All the process controllers of the new generation:

  • MKA 120 / 500 / 800
  • MIC 900...
  • MIC 1100
  • MIC 3000

can be linked to the visualisation process "VisuNet" designed by aditec!

For visualisation of aditec controllers of the previous generation, please ask specifically!


Remote monitoring of installations and processes...Making changes to the configuration of a controller...Status inquiry of installations. Please also inform yourself about VisuNet COMFORT with remote monitoring/ telecontrol engineering (aditec-control) and VisuNet PREMIUM with multi-user capability (Client/Server), several companies via Internet/VPN.


  • Easy networking of all aditec controllers with one central computer or server
  • Easy installation via download link with detailed installation instructions
  • Easy operation, no previous experience needed
  • Clear display of all actual and nominal values, as well as of the operation status of individual units
  • Trend charts of all actual and nominal values with corresponding product line and processes (presented as a diagram or table) on a scalable time axis
  • Zoom function
  • Process list - Synoptical table of all actual and nominal values with product types and treatment types (process names), batch number and administrator names
  • Filing of all data by means of a programmable time interval of up to 10 years (the time interval can be adjusted)
  • Alarm lists
  • Trend graph diagram of all actual values in a programme with names and processes
  • Changes can be made to the output interval times of all process measurements
  • Batch number entry possible
  • Remote-programmable via VisuNet: configuring a programme, editing and transmitting via PC
  • Remote-controlled units, starting/stopping via PC
  • Free service programme from Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Free demonstrations, without any obligation
  • Printing of self-designed documents at the end of the program (protocols, labels, etc)
  • Automatic generation of batch numbers at the end of the program with the option to print out barcode labels
  • Using a barcode scanner for selection of the plant, scanning of the batch number and program start via scanner
  • Using customer logo

What is so special about VisuNet: 

  • Limitlessly upgradable through Ethernet/LAN
  • Different networks can be integrated: LAN, Ethernet, RS 485 and more...
  • Detailed databank back-up with planning and administration
  • Administrator allocation / user rights
  • Programming and remote PC-output via network or Internet
  • Remote controlling / telecontrol engineering with aditec-control
  • Exporting data to MS-Excel and CSV-format
  • Characteristic curve: Improved "zooming". Temperatures, vacuum, pressure and/or the time scale of each installation can be adjusted.
  • Transmission of alarms via SMS or Email. Schedules can be created. It is possible to send SMS via Modem or Internet.
  • Automatic time alignment between the controller and PC
  • Multi-user capability (Client/Server) with VisuNet PREMIUM (only combinable with BASE or COMFORT) Each license = 3 workstations at the same time.
  • Acquisition of operating data is also possible, (depending on controller). Several consumers can be recorded and the costs may be calculated.
  • Transmission of data to a higher level ERP- System by SQL interface
  • Level BASE or COMFORT can be individually chosen for each unit. Also for subsequent activation or upgrade
  • Event indication with automatic assignment between created and processed program/process.



Differences between VisuNet BASE / COMFORT / PREMIUM:


Customer-specific requests can also be realized. Please, ask us!